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Peak Physiques - Brodie Giesbrecht

Hey, I'm Brodie Giesbrecht

BSc. (Hons.) Sport & Exercise Science

Physique Transformation Coach

I'm a father, recreational bodybuilder and academic who helps experienced trainees take their physique from good to GREAT using scientific principles and my practical and professional experience.


The Peak Physique Coaching System

Training System

Feeling overwhelmed by program design?

Peak Physiques - Training System
  • Know exactly what training phase you are in and the future trajectory of your program

  • Detailed metrics for tracking progress over the microcycle, mesocycle and block timeframe

  • Science-backed exercise progression schemes to optimize physique enhancement

Weekly Reporting System

Don't have a method of measuring progress?

Peak Physiques - Weekly Reporting System
  • Track and manipulate the optimal nutrition and lifestyle variables needed for physique enhancement

  • Measure your physique progression using objective progress photos and body part measurements

  • Discover potential areas of opportunity required for continued physique enhancement

Muscle Gain and Fat Loss System

Unsure of the optimal rate of bodyweight change?

Peak Physiques - Muscle Gain & Fat Loss System
  • Optimize your muscle gain and fat loss phases by ensuring body weight changes at the desired rate

  • Understand if you're on track to reaching your goal body weight by the predetermined time frame

  • Gain access to your predicted body weight and changes in body composition

Quality Foods Meal Matrix System

Feeling overwhelmed with meal creation?

Peak Physiques - Quality Foods Meal Matrix System
  • Obtain hundreds of meal combinations to hit your prescribed macronutrient and caloric targets

  • Create your own custom template with a list of approved foods for physique enhancement

  • Understand which food items fit your macronutrient profile (protein, carbohydrate and fat)

Meal Plan System

Tired of tracking calories?

Peak Physiques - Meal Plan System
  • Obtain a customized meal plan catered to your macronutrient and caloric requirements

  • Enhance training performance and recovery by following optimal meal-timing strategies

  • No calorie tracking required (follow the meal plan and hit your nutrition targets on autopilot)

Check-In System

Not sure how to update your plan?

Peak Physiques - Check-In System
  • Your program is updated weekly by your coach based on your input

  • In-depth video review of your physique progress bi-weekly

  • Troubleshoot areas of opportunity with your coach for continued physique enhancement

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My Wonderful Clients

Tyler Comeau

23.5 lbs Lost

Peak Physiques - Client Review (Tyler Comeau)

Bradley Milton

37.3 lbs Lost

Peak Physiques - Client Review (Bradley Milton)

Katelyn Gateman

Body Recomposition

Peak Physiques - Client Review (Katelyn Gateman)

Ryan White

28.7 lbs Lost

Peak Physiques - Client Review (Ryan White)

Travis Van Meer

15.2 lbs Lost

Peak Physiques - Client Review (Travis Van Meer)

James Korvemaker

20.3 lbs Lost

Peak Physiques - Client Review (James Korvemaker)

Struggling To Set Up Your Own Muscle Gain or Fat Loss Phase?

The Peak Physique Predictor: FREE Tool To Set Up and Predict Your Future Results!

Tailor Your Caloric Intake, Track Progress, and Project Future Gains - All In One Dynamic Tool

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Peak Physiques - Peak Physique Predictor

Peak Physiques

Peak Physiques - Client Transformation Front (Tyler Comeau)
Peak Physiques - Client Transformation Side (Tyler Comeau)
Peak Physiques - Client Transformation Rear (Tyler Comeau)
Peak Physiques - Client Transformation Front (Ryan White)
Peak Physiques - Client Transformation Side (Ryan White)
Peak Physiques - Client Transformation Rear (Ryan White)
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